We specialize in the following treatments at Mission Naturopathic Clinic in Kelowna:


Mission Naturopathic Clinic is proud to now offer Registered Acupuncture with Dr. Mark Cseszko, ND, RAc.

Based on traditional Chinese Medicine, this therapy works using small needles to stimulate and re-balance the energy (or Qi) within the body. It uses various points on the body that connects to the body’s 12 main Meridians. It can be used in acute situations like sports injuries, cold/flu, pain; or more chronic conditions like insomnia, arthritis, menopause, etc.


Allergies to foods to various environmental triggers can be debilitating and progressive. Our clinic uses several techniques to help desensitize your system to this common condition. This can be done safely and effectively via either Pollenguard Prescriptions, or MORA electrodermal treatments.


This treatment uses herbs in tea and/or tincture form to aid the body in its healing process. It is often very effective in acute conditions like urinary tract infections, cold/flu, etc.


Often our society is deficient in B12 and folic acid. This small and safe intramuscular injection provides an excellent means to raising these levels, particularly when a common problem in deficiency is absorption not intake. These injections are a useful therapy in pernicious anemia, general fatigue, fibromyalgia, MS, and chronic fatigue.

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Heavy metals, like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., are all around us: in foods we eat, water we drink, products we use. They tend to accumulate in the body and can have detrimental effects in the body when the levels are elevated or compounded by more than one heavy metal in the body. They often effect neurological tissue, kidney function, hormone balance, and immune systems. One defense we have against heavy metals is chelation. This uses various agents like EDTA or DMSA to remove these heavy metals from the body.


From wrinkle reduction, to thigh firming, to breast tightening, to hair replenishing, these specific homeopathic preparations from Europe are injected superficially into the skin in the corresponding areas. These treatments are quick and safe treatments performed by the ND to achieve your cosmetic goals without harmful side effects often associated with cosmetic surgeries and procedures.


This is an important process of removing all the toxic chemicals from the body, which often accumulate through our everyday lives. We are exposed to chemicals constantly in the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the beverages we drink. Detoxification is accomplished through many different therapies, but may involve any of the following: dietary suggestions, supplements, infrared saunas, homeopathics, etc. This process allows our body to rest, in order to eliminate the chemicals we don’t always have time to deal with.


This therapy uses principles from the age old homeopathic medicines, as single remedies and combinations to create a balance within the body. They are very safe to use and can often be used in conjunction with prescription medicines. It works very effectively for such things as detoxification, allergies, stress, hormonal imbalances, childbirth, etc. They are also very effective for most ailments of children and infants.

naturopathic treatments - IV therapy KelownaIV THERAPY

This treatment uses high dose vitamins and minerals that are directly administered to the blood stream, thereby passing the absorption processes of the GI tract. These therapeutic levels of vitamins and minerals cannot be reached via oral doses. There is a large volume of research showing the benefits of high dose vitamin/minerals in the body, particularly when these nutrients are deficient. This treatment is very effective in cancer, sports medicine, immune enhancement, and viral infections.


There are several lab tests that can be at Mission Naturopathic Clinic when further information may be required. They can include: Heavy Metal analysis, Salivary Hormones, Blood-spot Allergy testing, Zinc analysis, Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology, and Blood tests. We also offer various allergy testing in office, from allergy scratch testing to VEGA electrodermal testing.


This is a very broad category as it can incorporate stress management, personal issues, goal setting, life balancing, fitness incorporation, etc. The main goal of counseling here is to provide a safe environment to encourage growth and development.


This therapy is a French technique that is used to treat areas of cellulite and fatty deposits on the hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, and arms. It actually helps to eliminate fat cells to give a firmer and tighter appearance.

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Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in the body, helping to combat elements that create damage known as free radicals. This therapy is administered via inhalation of glutathione gas (the most optimal way to administer it to the body). This is very effective in cancer and sports medicine.


Personalized diet assessment and plans created by our Registered Holistic Nutritionist are based on a patient’s individual needs. For health issues such as allergies, GI complaints, weight loss, cardiovascular health, and diabetes – the appropriate diet can be formulated. This may also involve the use of various supplements, and there is often a focus on nutritional deficiencies that are so common in our society today.


This therapy uses injections of local anaesthetic and B Vitamins into autonomic ganglia, peripheral nerves, scars, glands, and trigger points for chronic pain and illnesses. It is believed to act through normalizing the function of the nervous system to the affected area and/or breaking down scar tissue.


Neural prolotherapy is founded on the premise that hundreds of nerves exist just beneath the skin and play a key role in regulating pain and healing. When small injections are administered along the nerve routes, it is believed we can regulate the immune system induce healing to these areas. These injections are often used in circumstances of pain, both acute and chronic.

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Ozone and Hydrogen peroxide are used in these therapies to stimulate many different processed in the body; from increasing energy production, modulating the immune system, clearing infections like bacteria and viruses. It is also an anti-aging and anti-cancer treatment. Dr. Berg uses this treatment quite often in her protocols for addressing chronic Lyme, though there are many benefits to be had by using ozone both topically and internally.


ND’s in BC, once completing board certification, can prescribe pharmaceutical medications and compounded medicine from local pharmacies. This prescriptive authority allows ND’s to serve as a more primary care role in patients health.


This therapy uses injections of solution, including anaesthetic and dextrose, to help reconstruct new tendons and ligaments in areas like our joints. It is used for injuries, pain and arthritis. The purpose of the injection is to stimulate the body’s regeneration processes, thereby assisting in production of new connective tissue.


After a blood draw is obtained from a patient, a portion of the blood and the platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is increased during a process called centrifugation. This increased concentration is then added back to the drawn blood and injected into the affected area on the body. It works by naturally triggering localized inflammation, collagen production, and other regenerative processes. This procedure can help with treating hair loss, improving skin and wrinkles, unresponsive chronic pain and injuries, tendinitis symptoms, trauma or sports related knee or leg pains, torn ligaments, sciatica, a bulging herniated disc, as well as osteoarthritis.


This works on a similar principle as IV therapy, but a small amount is injected superficially or intramuscularly to target the areas and allow a slower release. There are different combinations available, which can be very effective for infections, fatigue, acute injuries, migraines, and menstrual cramping to name just a few.