B L O O D  T Y P E  + Y O U R  D I E T

What you need to know for your ultimate well being


Do you know what your blood type is? And do you know that each blood type has specific foods, activities, as well as routines that best suite us? Similar to our likes and dislikes, our blood has certain preferences when it comes to food. There are four different blood types: A, B, AB, and O, and depending which type you are will greatly affect how you metabolize certain foods.


Blood type A’s thrive on a vegetarian diet and do very well on carbohydrates. A low intake of meat is recommended for this blood type because A’s tend to have lower levels of stomach acid, making it more difficult to breakdown this food group. Type A’s also tend to have high cortisol levels so maintaining consistent blood sugar with excellent quality fats are very important.


Blood type B’s do very well on a well-rounded diet of meat, fish, dairy, and a lot of vegetables. They have a digestive system that is easily aggravated by corn, wheat, buckwheat, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts, and sesame seeds and can notice weight gain when eating these foods. Chicken is also not a good option for this blood type as it has an antigen that reacts with blood type B.


Blood type AB’s need a diet rich in good forms of animal protein, fish, dairy, beans, legumes, grains vegetables, and fruits. They do have a sensitive digestive tract so incorporating probiotic and prebiotic rich foods is very beneficial. This blood type is also aggravated by chicken, kidney beans, and buckwheat.


Blood type O’s are healthiest when they eat a diet rich in meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and legumes. They tend to have weak thyroids so adding in iodine rich foods like kelp can help to reduce risk of hypothyroidism. For optimal health eating large quantities of kale, spinach, broccoli, and olive oil can contribute to optimal health and weight loss. Avoiding wheat, corn, navy beans, legumes, and dairy foods is recommended.


If you wish to know your blood type and are wondering which foods are the best for you, contact Mission Naturopathic Clinic today. We have Nutritionists on staff to help you with this and support you through determining your nutritional needs.